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The World Peace Plan (Overview)
An international government based on the US Constitution and the cooperation of nature.
2 1 Welcome to the forum!
by johnnydrum
Exit Strategy for Iraq
Oxford and Stonehenge
Enables the creation of an international court system.
1 1 Allows the United States and several other nations to withdraw peacefully from the conflict in Iraq
by Karen Holmes
U.S. Constitutional Amendment
U.S. Survival Cards
Amends the U.S. Constitution to create the additional layer of government.
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Track Our Progress
Stage by stage planning for the creation of the international government.
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The World Peace Marketing Strategy
First row: Standing on the Principles, Second row: Financially affected, Third row: Life has been affected, Fourth row: function for their own interests
Draws people into the creative process.
1 1 Evolution to the Revolution
by suzeranda
The Light Source Invention, Intuitive Computer
Fifty innovative projects that introduce the principles of world peace.
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Faith of the Pure Ray Holidays
Christ Mass
Church holidays focus on the planning process.
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